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Ken helped us find our poses and our confidence in front of the camera. Many photographers don’t do this, so I applaud him for his passion and work ethic.

– Nasha Harris Santiago

Ken was so supportive and comforting to work with!  He gave great pose suggestions and made the whole experience so fun!

– Reagan Sanborn

Ken was spectacular! He's the ultimate hype man and brings out the best in the model. He is very helpful with poses, knows how to play with lighting, and brings great energy to the shoot.

– Zuna Ramos Maza

Ken encouraged a meaningful sense of teamwork between him and I that made this process very exciting, comfortable, creative, and surprising (in the best way possible).

– Emma Laird

Ken created such a comfortable, fun, and upbeat atmosphere during the shoot. His enthusiasm really eases any nerves and he’s just great to work with. 

– Kate Lewis

Ken was positive and very welcoming form the beginning of our session. I felt very safe to experiment in front of his lens, and his praises were empowering. I am extremely satisfied with the amount of work that we did and am completely in love with the end products.

– Chaal Aydiner

Ken can transform any space into a photography playground. He knows exactly how to work the lighting to make each photo professional.

– Fady Demian

I don't have a lot of experiences with shoots so going in I was a bit nervous. Ken did a phenomenal job keeping the energy up and making the experience lighthearted and enjoyable.

– Janna Foy